Jobe Vortex Float Valve

Jobe Vortex Float Valve
Vortex valves are float-operated valves for use in automatic filling of water tanks, troughs, and cisterns. The valve is configured for above-water mounting. The Vortex valve is diaphragm-operated. Actuated by a pilot pin to create a 1-2 second positive on/off. Over ¾"-2½" differential (varies with pressure) for a near hammerless operation. Vortex float valves are a good choice where maximum flow, compact, robust, non-corrosive construction and variable float levels are required.

  • Mounting: horizontally or vertically above water
  • Pressure range: 5 -100 PSI
  • Max flow: 300 GPM
  • 2" NPT
  • Float position adjusts easily with no tools
  • Valve has switch to lock it in off position
  • Frost Pro compatible for freezing conditions (VJTFP)
  • ¼ turn removes valve to easily clean filter