Zinc/Aluminum, 180 KSI, 12½ Gauge

Zinc/Aluminum, 180 KSI, 12½ Gauge
The corrosion resistance properties of ZA (Zinc/Aluminum) wire are known to be approximately 4 times that of comparably coated galvanized wire. Kencove's Z/A wire has the same coating weight as our Class 3 galvanized wire (.80oz/square foot), and is drawn after coating to give a smooth surface. This wire will turn a darker shade of gray than our other wires.

  • Class 3 zinc/aluminum high-tensile wire
  • 180 KSI, 12½ gauge
  • 4,000' coil
  • Hand-knot or crimp
  • Minimum break strength = 1,385 lbs
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