Hotcote® Fence Wire

Hotcote® Fence Wire

Hotcote® is a coated fence wire similar to Kencote but with the addition of three black carbon strips extending to the surface to carry an electrical current. Although most animals will test any type of fence, this system has a combination of visibility and electric to ensure the safest containment possible. Hotcote is made with our high strength USA 200 KSI 12½ gauge wire as the core and is available in white, black or brown. The diameter of the product is approximately 3/8" which is a visual aid to the horse.

Coated wire should be put on insulators large enough to hold it like the ICCW, I8P, or I8PW. It can be pulled around one, possibly two, corners depending on length of run. Hotcote makes an excellent sight wire for electric horse fence.

Twenty year limited manufacturers warranty.

Proudly made in USA!