Kiwitech Double Carry Pack

Kiwitech Double Carry Pack

The Double Carry Pack has all the features of the Double Winder but with the added benefit of the Kiwitech Rack. With a Carry Pack you can set up and tear down paddocks, deploy and collect posts, and pay out and rewind twine all with the same efficient pack. Easily hold the pack with one arm and keep your other hand free to work posts or the crank handle. Use the provided shoulder strap for additional support.

This kit requires assembly and includes a gearbox assembly, double chuck, double guide, crank handle, pedestal, rack, and shoulder strap. Components can be upgraded or replaced at any time. Use a rubber mallet or dead blow hammer to friction fit pieces together during assembly.

  • 4:1 gear ratio

  • For two strand applications

  • Includes pedestal, rack and shoulder strap

  • Parts can be customized, upgraded, or replaced at any time

  • Assembly required

  • Made in New Zealand

*Spools, twine, and posts sold separately.