Kiwitech, Spool with polywire

Kiwitech, Spool with polywire

This super tough Kiwitech spool is pre-loaded with quality Kiwitech polywire. The spool is made using polycarbonate and provides 2 storage slots in the hub for the XRH Release Hook. The perimeter holes are used in combination with Release Hook to hang reel from permanent fence or fiberglass post and the 2 holes slightly off center are for a XPSH – Snap-in handle so you can rewind polywire using the orbital method. The 400m (1312ft) of pre-loaded polywire is made up of 6 monofilament / 6 - 0.2mm stainless steel tightly uniform twisted strands.

  • Pre-loaded 400m (1312ft) spool
  • 6 monofilament / 6 – 0.2 stainless steel strand
  • Tight uniform twist for longevity 
  • Spool - Made from Polycarbonate - Super Tough