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We understand the importance of a reliable and efficient electric fence system to keep your livestock safe and secure. That's why we offer a wide range of energizers, including battery energizers, dual-purpose energizers, mains energizers, solar energizers, and solar energizer accessories, designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers and fencing professionals. 

  • Battery Energizers for Versatile Power: Battery energizers are the way to go regarding flexibility and portability. Our selection of battery-powered energizers provides a reliable power source, making them ideal for remote areas or locations without access to mains power. These energizers are easy to set up and operate, offering convenience and efficiency in protecting and containing your livestock. Choose from our assortment of battery energizers to find the perfect fit for your fencing needs. 
  • Dual-Purpose Energizers for Ultimate Dependability: Combining the best of both worlds, our dual-purpose energizers are designed to function on both battery power and mains power. This versatility allows you to switch power sources depending on your specific requirements. When mains power is available, the energizer can run off the mains supply, and in remote locations, it seamlessly switches to battery power. Investing in a dual-purpose energizer ensures your fence remains active and effective anywhere you go!  
  • Mains Energizers for Constant Power Supply: Our mains energizers are an excellent choice for those with access to a reliable mains power supply. These energizers provide a constant power source to keep your electric fence operational day and night. With a constant and dependable power supply, you can rest assured that your fence will effectively deter intruders and contain your livestock. Explore our range of mains energizers and enjoy the convenience of a consistent power supply on your fence line. 
  • Solar Energizers for Sustainable Solutions: Harness the sun's power to energize your fence with our solar energizers. These eco-friendly solutions are perfect for farms or remote areas with ample sunlight. Solar energizers provide a sustainable power source, help reduce energy costs, and make electric fencing possible where other power sources are absent. Embrace environmentally friendly fencing solutions and choose from our selection of solar energizers to power your electric fence efficiently. 
  • Solar Energizer Accessories for Enhanced Performance: To maximize the efficiency of your solar energizer, we offer a range of solar energizer accessories. From solar panels and charge controllers to mounting brackets and dollies, these accessories are designed to enhance the performance of your solar-powered fencing system. These solar energizer accessories will optimize energy utilization and ensure your fence operates at its full potential. 
  • Why Choose Energizers from Kencove Farm Fence: At Kencove, we take pride in providing only the highest-quality energizers. Every farm or ranch needs the right energizer to keep operations running smoothly. We understand the critical role electric fence systems play in protecting your livestock and crops, and that's why we offer a comprehensive range of energizers to suit various needs and preferences. 
  • Expert Support and Guidance: Our knowledgeable Product Specialists are here to assist you in finding the perfect energizer for your fencing requirements. Whether you need advice on choosing the right energizer type or assistance installing and maintaining your electric fence, we are ready to help. Count on our expert support and guidance to ensure your electric fence system operates flawlessly. 

Elevate Your Electric Fencing: Upgrade your electric fence system with our premium energizers. Browse our selection of battery-powered energizers, dual-purpose energizers, mains energizers, solar energizers, and solar energizer accessories to find the perfect solutions for your farm. Protect and contain your livestock and crops confidently using energizers from Kencove.