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Kencove Farm Fence Supplies is your destination for premium woven wire fencing solutions. Our extensive range of woven wire products caters to various livestock and property fencing needs. Our woven horse fence, cattle fence, field fence, deer fence, sheep and goat fence, and woven wire accessories combine to make a specific fencing solution for your specific requirements.

  • Woven Horse Fence: Our woven horse fence offers safety and security for your valuable equine companions. With sturdy construction and small spacing between wires, this fence ensures that horses cannot get their hooves or legs caught, minimizing the risk of injury. Woven horse fence is ideal for creating safe and reliable horse enclosures, pastures, and riding arenas.
  • Cattle Fence: Cattle fence is designed to withstand the strength and force of large livestock, providing a sturdy containment solution. With its durable construction and heavy-gauge wires, this fence effectively keeps cattle and other large animals secure while withstanding the rigors of daily farm life.
  • Field Fence: Field fence is a versatile option that caters to various farm fencing needs. From containing livestock to protecting crops and gardens, field fence offers the perfect balance of strength, visibility, and functionality. This fence is an excellent choice for creating secure boundaries and keeping unwanted animals out.
  • Deer Fence: Our deer fence is designed to keep deer and other wildlife from accessing valuable crops and landscapes. With its tight mesh pattern and sturdy construction, this fence offers a reliable deterrent against deer browsing, ensuring your investments remain protected.
  • Sheep and Goat Fence: Sheep and goat fence is crafted with small livestock in mind, offering secure containment and protection. The small spacing between wires prevents animals from getting stuck or escaping, making it an ideal choice for sheep and goat enclosures and pastures.
  • Woven Wire Accessories: Our woven wire accessories complement your fencing projects and ensure seamless installation and long-lasting performance. From stretcher bars used to install woven wire fences to stretcher bar wedges that provide tensioning support, our accessories are essential tools for achieving professional fencing results.
  • High Tensile Wire: At Kencove Farm Fence Supplies, we are proud to offer high tensile wire that is Made in the USA. High tensile wire delivers uncompromising strength, ensuring a durable, long-lasting fence solution. It can withstand tension and pressure, making it an ideal choice for fencing projects that require superior performance and reliability.

Discover the difference that premium woven wire fencing can make in protecting and managing your livestock and property. Trust in Kencove Farm Fence Supplies for top-quality woven wire products and accessories that deliver reliable performance and long-lasting durability.