Quick End

Quick End

The Quick End is an easy and fast way to terminate wire at end post. Wire will only pass through one direction (small to large end), spring-loaded embossed teeth grip wire and stops wire from pulling out. The Quick End is ideal for terminating short spans of fence or trellising.

Steps to install the Quick End:

  1. Drill a 7/16" hole (5/8" for the 8-11 ga) straight through end post
  2. Push wire through hole in post and minimum of 6" past post
  3. Slide Quick End on to wire, entering from small end, exiting large end. Slide until enters hole and square flange is flat against post.
  4. To tension wire quick and with ease use a Gripple torque tool: Basic = TGTTP / Heavy Duty = TGTCC / Contractor = TGTC
  5. When desired tension is achieve, cut excess wire leaving minimum of 6" tail, gently bend tail downward and secure with a staple.

If future adjustment is needed, remove staple and grab tail to achieve desired tension.

If not applying tension on wire we recommend you lightly tap square flange and pull wire for a snug fit.

  • Use with 12-13 gauge smooth wire
  • Easy and Fast wire termination
  • EACH ( 10-11 ga = CWV1011 / 8-11 ga = CWV811 / 14-16 ga = CWV1416)