Strainrite Stretcher Bar with Wedges

Strainrite Stretcher Bar with Wedges

Strainrite stretcher bars offer a unique two-piece design that can be used to tension most woven wire configurations. Simply place the woven wire between the two pieces and secure in place with the provided wedges. These stretcher bars are thinner than other models, making them convenient for tight applications like end pulls. The 52” stretcher bars have two puller loops to accommodate two stretcher bar pullers while the 75” stretcher bars have three puller loops to accommodate three stretcher bar pullers. Using the appropriate number of stretcher bar pullers will provide an even pull while tensioning.

  • Press formed steel stretcher bar
  • Compatible with most woven wire
  • 52" Bars come with 5 Wedges, 75" Bars come with 8 Wedges
  • Galvanized finish
  • Made in New Zealand

Use stretcher bar pullers when tensioning stretcher bars, TCSR