Kiwitech, Micro Trough

Kiwitech, Micro Trough

This micro trough is portable and is simple to connect onto water supply without tools. Move from paddock to paddock simple and fast. The built-in valve is activated when animal presses on plate. Trough will service up to 50 head. Using 1” OD polypipe (not included), Connecting & Disconnecting is simple.


  • First connect supply line to trough
  • Push poypipe (not included) into fitting about 2”
  • Pull back and ¼ Twist right to seal
  • Same process to Connect opposite end to your water supply


  • First disconnect from water supply (Pressure is present so place trough close so you can press on plate to release pressure)
  • Slight press inward, twist left then pull back to remove from fitting
  • Same process to remove supply line from trough