Bryce Suma Post Driver with Rock Spike

Bryce Suma Post Driver with Rock Spike

The Kencove PK30R is a versatile, contractor-grade post driver built to work in the toughest ground conditions. This powerful, hard-hitting machine comes with a 4" rock spike that penetrates up to 4' deep to help drive posts into rocky and hard soil. With an operating weight of 2,300 pounds with an 882-pound hammer, this post driver is lightweight enough to use on steep or soft ground. Features 15-degree front/back and side/side tilt, as well as 14" side slide. Drives posts up to 11' tall and 12" in diameter.

  • Dual-mast lubrication system lubricates both sides of the mast
  • Forged, carbon steel, one-piece post cap has no welds to crack
  • Heavy-duty rock spike with extractor ram and emergency release function
  • Auto telemast means no need to alter hammer stroke when changing post sizes and types
  • 125,000 pounds of impact
  • 18,000 pound extraction ram
  • Contractor-grade performance
  • Equipped for category two and three 3-point mounting
  • Hydraulic tilt controls
  • Low-maintenance rope system
  • Removable rock spike

Top link is supplied with 1" pin and category 2-3 bushing. Lift arm pins are 1⅛" in diameter for category 2.