Stretcher Bar, 8’

Stretcher Bar

This improved design provides a quick and simple method for tensioning woven wire over the traditional 2 boards clamped together. The wedge locking design is quick and easy, wedges secure vertically and stagger on the bar, simply drive in wedges for a superior grip. Grab Hooks on both sides for versatility. This stretcher bar comes in 2-pieces and is secured together with 2 bolts for rigidity. This tool is ideal when installing woven wire, deer fence and wire with 3" verticals. 8' wire clamp with 9 wedges. 2 piece frame. Replacement wedges TSCW.

  • Ideal to tension Woven Wire
  • Quick and Simple Wedge Lock Design
  • Grab Hooks both sides
  • 8' tall, 9 wedges
  • 2 piece frame