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Gripple Jumbo - Each

Gripple Jumbo

The Gripple delivers significant time savings when joining and/or tensioning wire because of the simple and fast design. The Gripple Plus has a patented ceramic locking mechanism that delivers superior grip and load strength. The internal ceramic roller is rock-hard, super-tough and designed to grip high tensile wire resulting in a bond that lasts season after season.

Simply push wire into the opposing ends, push through leaving at least a 2" tail this will allow for grabbing to easily adjustment and/or tensioning. Once in position, serrated rollers grip the wire as soon as reverse tension is applied.

The Gripple Jumbo Plus can be used on 10 – 12 ½ gauge smooth wire. Ideal for use with larger diameter Trellis Wires. Consider a torque tool so you can apply tension and make future adjustments (always leave a 2” tail).

Torque Tools: Basic ( TGTTP ) / Heavy Duty ( TGTCC ) / Contractor ( TGTC )

  • 10 – 12 ½ gauge smooth wire
  • Join and/or Tension Wire
  • Simple and Fast = Significant Time Savings
  • Designed for superior grip
  • Smooth Wire ( Low Carbon or High Tensile )
  • Maximum Working Load = 1320 lbs
  • EACH ( Pack of 10 = CGJ-10-120 )

Item # CGJ
Weight 0.11 lbs
$1.95 EACH

Save on 120 - $1.85
Low Stock

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Item # CGJ-10-120 Gripple Jumbo
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