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Kencove’s comprehensive selection of fence hardware is designed to meet the specific needs of farmers, ranchers, and landowners, enabling them to build and maintain sturdy and efficient fences.

  • Wire Tighteners: The first step to creating a robust and secure fence is ensuring proper wire tension. Our wire tighteners offer innovative and reliable solutions for tightening various fence wires. Whether you are working with high-tensile wire, woven wire, or electric fencing, our wire tighteners provide a user-friendly mechanism to achieve optimal tension, preventing sagging and maintaining the integrity of your fence lines. With our wire tighteners, you can rest assured that your fence will remain robust and steadfast against the elements and livestock pressure.
  • Braces: Fence braces are the backbone of a well-built fence system. They play a vital role in providing lateral support and maintaining the fence's structural integrity. Our range of braces is engineered to withstand heavy loads and ensure that your fence remains upright and durable over time. From wooden braces to metal T-posts, we offer various options for different fence types and terrains. Invest in our top-notch braces to reinforce your fence against the forces of nature and keep your livestock safe and secure.
  • Tension Springs: Our tension springs are the go-to solution for absorbing and distributing the tension in your fence line. These durable and resilient springs are essential for electric fencing systems, allowing for flexibility and elasticity. By absorbing impacts and maintaining appropriate tension, our tension springs contribute to the overall effectiveness of your fence, reducing the risk of damage from animal pressure or environmental factors. Explore our tension springs collection to enhance your fence's performance and longevity.
  • Earth Anchors: The stability of your fence relies on the strength of its anchors. Our earth anchors offer a reliable and straightforward solution for securing fences firmly into the ground. These anchors are easy to install and provide exceptional holding power in various soil conditions. Whether you are setting up a temporary fence for rotational grazing or establishing a permanent perimeter, our earth anchors ensure that your fence remains firmly anchored, providing peace of mind and security for your livestock and property.

At Kencove Farm Fence Supplies, we take pride in providing only the highest quality fence hardware to meet the demands of modern agriculture and land management. Our wire tighteners, braces, tension springs, earth anchors, and strainers are designed to withstand the rigors of the field, offering unparalleled durability and performance. With our products, you can create fences that stand the test of time, protect your livestock, and secure your property effectively.