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Show sticks are designed to provide a safe and humane way to direct and handle livestock. Our show sticks are essential tools for farmers, ranchers, and exhibitors who prioritize the well-being of their animals while ensuring ease and precision in guiding them during various tasks.

  • Show Sticks—Safely Direct Livestock: At Kencove Farm Fence Supplies, we understand the importance of handling livestock with care and respect. Our show sticks offer a gentle and effective method to direct livestock, whether you're moving them between pastures, during showmanship, or for any other handling needs. With our show sticks, you can confidently guide your animals stress-free, ensuring their comfort and safety.
  • Comfortable, Soft Rubber Grips: Handling livestock for extended periods can be physically demanding. Our show sticks are thoughtfully designed with comfortable and soft rubber grips, allowing you to maintain a secure and comfortable hold without straining your hands. The ergonomic design ensures you can use the show stick for extended periods without discomfort, making it the perfect companion for everyday farming or showing activities.
  • Protective End Cap: Our show sticks are equipped with a protective end cap to ensure the safety of livestock and handlers. This end cap serves as a buffer, preventing accidental injury or discomfort to the animals while providing an added layer of safety for handlers. With the protective end cap, you can confidently handle your livestock, knowing that their well-being is a top priority.

Embrace the efficiency and safety of our show sticks, designed with comfortable, soft rubber grips, protective end caps, and a durable design to make livestock handling a breeze. Whether you're a farmer, rancher, or show exhibitor, our show sticks are the ideal companion for directing your livestock with ease and precision.