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Whether you're a handgun enthusiast, rifle shooter, or game hunter, durable target stands from Kencove Farm Fence cater to all your shooting needs. With three exceptional options to choose from—The Intruder, The Invader, and The Predator—you can be confident in finding the perfect fit for your shooting practice.

  • The Intruder—Versatility and Durability: The Intruder is a favorite among handgun shooters and holds the title of our most popular stand. This stand can be configured in either an 18" or 24" width, accommodating a wide range of competition targets, including popular B-27 targets. With both cross bars included, you can easily switch between 18" competition targets and 24" paper-qualification size targets. Standing tall at 60, "The Intruder provides realistic shooting heights and angles for an authentic shooting experience. Whether practicing indoors or at an outdoor range, The Intruder is the perfect choice, boasting multi-caliber durability to withstand continuous use.
  • The Invader—Stability for Challenging Conditions: The Invader incorporates all the outstanding features of The Intruder and adds even more stability. With larger 30" base feet, The Invader is designed to tackle uneven terrain and high-wind shooting conditions. Similar to The Intruder, it accommodates most cardboard and paper targets, offering options for 18" or 24" wide targets up to 60" tall. The Invader is a top choice for heavier backers like homasote, light plywood, and corrugated products, making it a reliable and versatile option for a wide range of shooting scenarios.
  • The Predator—Long-Range Shooting Excellence: The Predator is the ideal target stand for rifle shooters and game hunters. With a lower profile, The Predator can hold targets as narrow as 18" or as wide as 42", offering flexibility. Standing at 48" tall and equipped with 30" base feet, this durable stand remains steadfast even in windy conditions when placed well downrange. Whether you're engaged in using life-size game overlays or attaching multiple targets to one backer, The Predator delivers consistent and reliable performance. Its multi-caliber rating, including rifle rounds, makes The Predator your ultimate long-range shooting companion.

Survivor Target Stands by Kencove are expertly designed and constructed using top-notch materials, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of regular shooting practice. Each stand is crafted with precision and attention to detail, providing a reliable and consistent shooting experience every time you step onto the range. Whether you're an experienced marksman or a beginner looking to improve your shooting skills, our Survivor Target Stands are the perfect addition to your shooting range.