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Kencove Geared Reel

Kencove Geared Reel
The Kencove Geared Reel has a 3:1 ratio, which means for each turn of the handle, the bobbin spins 3 times. When rewinding long lengths of twine or ribbon, the extra cost of the geared real is a worthwhile, time-saving investment.

  • Holds up to 660' of ribbon or 1,640' of twine
  • Features an easy-grip, PVC handle, wire guide, and handle hook
  • Includes a non-conductive gate handle
  • Designed to hang directly onto a perimeter fence by the metal hook on the handle frame

    To electrify the polywire, simply use a 4' Jumper Lead (MPC). Attach one clip to the electrified perimeter fence wire and the other to the metal loop on the side of the reel.

Item # RRK3
Weight 4.55 lbs
$71.25 EACH

Save on 4 - $66.75
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