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Spinning Jennies

Details Replacement Spindle
  • For TSJ4, TSJ4-5, TSJHD

Details Hold Down Arms
  • Pack of 4 ea Hold Down Arms w/ Wing Nut & Lock Nut
  • Replacement for TSJ4, TSJ4-5
4 ea
Details Non-Wheel Spinning Jenny
  • 4 adjustable arms to accommodate all coil sizes
  • Pivots on ground pin


Out of stock

Details Add-On Tier for 4-Tier Spinning Jenny
  • Add-on Jenny for the 4-Tier Spinning Jenny
  • Holds smooth or coated wire coils


Out of stock

Details Rewind Hoop
  • Use with Kencove (TSJHH) or Kiwi (TSJK) Jennies

Details Strainrite Rewind Jenny
  • Allows efficient wire winding without the need to bend over
  • Easily attaches to fence posts
  • Rewinds wire tightly and neatly so it can be reused
  • Quick-release rotor for easy coil removal

Out of stock

Details Kencove Spinning Jenny with Brake
  • Adjustable brake to control overspin
  • Accommodates most coil diameters

Details Spinning Jenny
  • Heavy Duty Ā“CĀ” Channel Base
  • 3 legs for stability with mounting holes
  • Corrosive Plated Wheel & Hold Down Arms
  • Adjustable Drag/Friction
  • Spindle, Bearing, Wheel and Hold Down Arms Replaceable
  • Built in the USA
Details 4-Tier Spinning Jenny
  • Dispense 4 lines of fence wire at one time
  • Mounts to 3-point hitch

Details Hold-Down Arms for TSJHH
  • 4 replacement hold down arms
  • Use for TSJHH (Kencove Jenny) and TSJK
Pack of 4
Details Bearing Replacement Kit
  • For TSJ4, TSJ4-5, TSJHD
  • Caps, Bearings, Cotter Pin

Details Hold Down Arms ā€“ Coated Wire
  • Pack of 4 ea Hold Down Arms w/ Wing Nut & Lock Nut
  • Replacement for TSJ4, TSJ4-5
4 ea
Details Hold-Down Arms for TSJA
  • Replace lost or broken arms on TSJA jenny
Pack of 4
Details Hold Down Arms
  • Pack of 4 Hold Down Arms Complete ( Wing Nut & Locking Nut )
4 ea

Out of stock

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