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Spinning Jenny - TSJHD

Spinning Jenny

This Heavy Duty Spinning Jenny is built to withstand the stresses of demanding use. The 38ā€ diameter Wheel & Hold Down Arms are plated for corrosion resistance. The 3 Leg Base provides great stability, measuring 36ā€ wide and constructed of structural ā€œCā€ channel with mounting holes so it can be staked to ground or bolted to equipment. Drag/Friction can be adjusted by removing the center hub cap and adjusting locking nut to control overspin. We have incorporated a spindle bearing to ensure smooth rotation. We recommend you pack bearing annually so you get many years of service. Includes 2 sets of Hold Down Arms that are adjustable to fit height & thickness of coils that accommodate smooth wire & coated wire. The spindle, bearing, wheel and hold down arms are replaceable. Not for use with Woven wire or Horserail.

Item # TSJHD
Weight 54.32 lbs
$349.75 EACH