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Tension Spring -Long Tug

Tension Spring -Long Tug
Tension Springs are used for several purposes:
  • To indicate the amount of tension on the wire
  • To act as a shock absorber
  • To keep fence tension more uniform

If you like to spring-tie knots, the Long-Tug Spring has extra-long tug links. This spring can also be used on ends and corners with the (ICP1) insulator. The insulator will fit on the end of the long tug and will insulate a hot wire from an end or corner post (insulators sold separately).

When the spring is compressed to the first notch in the drawbars, it is under 150 pounds of tension, which is common for electric fences. When the second notch is exposed, there are about 250 pounds of tension on the fence.

All of Kencove's springs have a Class 3 galvanized coating and strong drawbars. The spring has a normal holding strength of over 2,200 pounds. This is the highest strength and longest lasting spring on the market.

Length (uncompressed): 12¾"

Item # HTSL
Weight 1.60 lbs
$5.75 EACH

Save on 40 - $5.45

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