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Power Staple Guide Attachment

Power Staple Guide Attachment
The Power Staple Guide Attachment is specifically designed to work with Stockade ST400 and ST400i Fence Post Staplers to install the Power Staple Wood Post Claw Insulator (IPSI).

This attachment fits onto the nose of your ST400 or ST400i. Once it is attached, insert the pointed nose into the attachment head of the Power Staple Wood Post Claw Insulator and drive a staple.

We recommend using 1¾" or 2" staples with this guide and insulator. We DO NOT recommend using this guide for any other purpose than to attach the Power Staple Wood Post Claw Insulator.

To attach to your stapler, remove the ST400 from the air compressor or remove the battery from the ST400i. Then simply remove the current guide on the stapler and replace with the Power Staple Guide Attachment. Tighten the hex nut and the stapler is ready to use.

Item # TIPSI
Weight 0.20 lbs
$49.00 EACH