Gripple, Dynamic 4

Gripple, Dynamic 4

The Gripple Dynamic #4 will accept up to 3/16" / 4.75mm cable. The High-grade ceramic rollers prevent corrosion, combined with the single action lock that simultaneously locks onto cable to perform flawlessly under pressure. Join and Tension cable using TGTCC or TGTC. The Dynamic #4 is ideal for bracing and high load anchoring. Max Load 2,200 lbs / 1,000 kg

  • Accepts up to 3/16" / 4.75 mm cable
  • High Load performance, Max Load 2,200 lbs / 1,000 kg
  • High-grade ceramic rollers
  • Integrated Lock using 6 mm hex wrench - Wrench Not Included
  • Join and Tension cable simple and fast
  • TGTCC or TGTC Sold Separately