Gripple T-Clip 2

Gripple T-Clip 2

The Gripple T-Clip is used to secure wire at terminations of fence. The T-Clip has a patented ceramic locking mechanism that delivers superior grip and load strength. The internal ceramic roller is rock-hard, super-tough and designed to grip high tensile wire resulting in a bond that lasts season after season.

Review Product Manual to understand how the T-Clip is the simplest and fastest way to secure wire at terminations. We recommend cutting wire about 2" past T-Clip, bending over wire as a added lock. The T-Clip is not designed for use with torque tools.

The Gripple T-Clip 1 can be used on 7 ½ - 10 gauge smooth wire and 12 ½ - 15 gauge barbed wire. Eliminates tying or knotting wire, thus reducing installation time, twist on - insert wire end for a simple secure termination.

  • 7 ½ - 10 gauge smooth wire
  • 12 ½ - 15 gauge barbed wire
  • Terminate / Anchor wire
  • Simple and Fast = Significant Time Savings
  • Designed for superior grip
  • Pack of 10 ( EACH = CGT2 )