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Patriot SolarGuard 50 - 0.05-Joule

Patriot SolarGuard 50
The SolarGuard 50 Solar Fence Energizer is ideal for small range acreage settings. It features a light, compact design and carry handle for excellent portability. The energy-efficient solar panel charges the internal battery to power the fence line for reliable, cost-effective performance. With 0.05 output joules, it powers up to 3 miles or 12 acres of fence. This low-impedance energizer has a highly visible, flashing red light that indicates the energizer is working and powering the fence. Battery-saving mode maximizes battery life. Can be mounted to t-posts or wood posts. Internal 6-volt battery included. Capable of operating up to 14 days without sunlight. BEFORE USE, connect the battery, and charge for 3 days in sunlight.

  • 0.05 output joules
  • Solar-powered
  • Low-impedance

Item # TT-819951
Weight 4.40 lbs
$109.75 EACH