HotTop® Plus Fence Rail 5¼"

HotTop® Plus Fence Rail 5¼
HotTop Plus utilizes the same durable and flexible high-tensile wire bonded to UV-stabilized polyethylene as Horserail, but with the added benefit of electrification. The signature spark of HotTop Plus is made possible by a strip of highly conductive carbon running along the top and bottom rail wire that, when partnered with a high quality low-impedance energizer, transforms ordinary Horserail into an electrified physical and psychological barrier. Using HotTop Plus eliminates the need to run an additional electric wire along the rail, saving valuable installation time. HotTop Plus incorporates three internal high-tensile wires for superior strength and durability.

Self-preservation is an important feature of HotTop Plus. The electrification discourages horses from cribbing or reach-through behaviors, minimizing the abuse the fence will take and thus extending its life. While Horserail is designed to safely resist impact, the zap of HotTop Plus provides an additional incentive for horses to stay off the fence completely and significantly reduces the chance of any injury or fence damage.