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Gripple Jumbo - Pack of 10 - For 10-12½ Ga

Gripple Jumbo - Pack of 10
The Gripple Jumbo is an easy way to join or tension wire. The new Gripple Plus has a patented ceramic locking mechanism to deliver better grip and higher load strength. The Gripple locks onto the wire, resulting in a bond that lasts season after season. Simply push the wire into the ends, leaving at least a 2" tail to allow for easy adjustment or re-tensioning. Once in position, serrated rollers grip the wire as soon as reverse tension is applied. The Gripple Jumbo can be used on 10 to 12½ gauge wire. Max load = 1,320 pounds. A torque tool (TGTTP) is available for applications where high tensions are required. Pack of 10.

Item # CGJ-10-120
Weight 1.10 lbs
$19.60 P10

Save on 24 - $18.60