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Details Strainrite Blackhawk 3:1 Geared Reel
  • Holds 1640ft (500m) of polywire/braided twine or 656ft (200m) of polytape
  • Reel stabilizer locks and balances the reel on an existing fence line
  • Can be used with Strainrite Reel Mounting Post
3:1 Geared
Details Strainrite Steel Post Reel Holder
  • Easily attaches to standard T-posts
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel for longevity
  • Made in New Zealand

Out of stock

Details O'Briens Classic Reel w/ Guide
  • Holds up to 1,640' twine or 660' ribbon
  • Carry handle, rewind crank and ratchet lock
  • Rugged steel and plastic construction
1:1 Standard
3:1 Geared
Details Bobbin for O’Briens Single Reel
  • One-piece molded replacement bobbin
  • Holds 660' of ribbon or 1,640' of twine
  • UV-resistant polymer resists weathering

Details Heavy Duty Reel Guide
  • Ensures tangle-free use of twine or tape
  • Use with RRS, RRSG, and RRSGO fence reels
Single Reel
Details O'Briens Classic Reel Guide
  • Eliminates tangling on the reel
  • Use on O'Briens Classic Standard and Geared reels
Details Pawl Catch for O'Briens reels
  • Use with O'Briens Reels and Kencove Geared Reel
  • Prevent free spinning of reel
Details Bobbin for Speedrite Geared Reel
  • Use with RRSG geared reel
  • Holds up to 1640' twine or 660' ribbon
Details Speedrite Reel Guide
  • Prevents tangling when unrolling or rolling up poly
  • Use on RRSG Speedrite Geared Reel
Details O'Briens Mega Reel
  • One piece moulded bobbin for superior durability
  • Nylon bushings to reduce wear
  • Holds up to 1,320' ribbon or 2,640' twine
1:1 Standard
3:1 Geared
Details Bobbin for O'Briens Mega Reel
  • One-piece moulded replacement bobbin
  • Holds 1,320' of electric ribbon or 2,640' of twine
Details Mini-Reel with Lynch Pin
  • Ideal for rotational grazing and portable fence
  • Lynch pin for easy spool replacement
  • Lightweight and durable
Mini Reel

Out of stock

Details Loaded Mini Reel w/ 660' 6SS polywire
  • Pre-loaded with 660' of polywire with 6 stainless-steel conductors
  • Lynch pin design for fast bobbin replacement
  • Features a reel lock for setting and holding tension
Loaded Reel

Out of stock

Details Bobbin for Mini-Reel
  • Replacement Bobbin for Mini-Reel
  • Holds up to 820' of electric twine or 350' of electric ribbon
Replacement Bobbin

Out of stock

Details Replacement Handle for Mini Reel
  • Replacement Handle for Mini Reel
  • Includes red handle with spring-loaded brake, lynch pin, and washer.
Details Economy Single Reel
  • Holds up to 1,650' twine
  • Rugged handle hook
  • Replaceable nylon bushings
Economy Reel
Details Replacement Bobbin for Economy Reel
  • Holds up to 1,650' of twine
Details 1:1 Value Reel
  • Holds up to 1,640' twine or 656' ribbon
  • 1:1 gear ratio
  • Built-in wire guide
1:1 Reel
Details Stafix Super Reel
  • 1:1 Ratio
  • 1320ft tape capacity
  • Does Not Include Gate Handle

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