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Frequently Asked Questions


PasturePro Post

The PasturePro Post is an oriented wood-plastic composite rod. This means the post is half the weight and twice the strength of other composite materials. This material creates a self-insulating and virtually indestructible fence post. Because no fiberglass, PVC or hazardous materials are used in the manufacturing process, there is no risk of splinters, and the posts are safe for use with organic operations.

Installation is easy:
1. Drive with a t-post driver.
2. Drill with a standard cordless drill.
3. Attach the wire with a simple cotter pin.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What diameter post do I need?
How far do they need driven into the ground?
Are PasturePro Posts used for permanent fences?
Do I need a drive cap?
Why are the posts not pre-drilled?

What diameter post do I need?
One-inch diameter posts are typically used as spacers between other permanent line posts.
1.125" - 1.5" diameter posts can be used as standard permanent line posts for most fences.
1.625" diameter posts are ideal for fences with moderate to heavy animal pressure and where higher visibility is needed.

How far do they need driven into the ground?
12" - 18" drive depths are sufficient for most soil types.

Are PasturePro Posts used for permanent fences?
PasturePro posts were designed for permanent fences. The post material, texture and diameter make them easy to install yet difficult to remove from the ground. Therefore, they are not recommended for temporary fences.

Do I need a drive cap?
No, a drive cap is not needed.

Why aren’t the posts pre-drilled?
We recommend driving the posts in the field, then drilling after installation. This will allow for hole spacing options where you have changes in the terrain. There is virtually no bit run off due to the surface texture of the post material.