Rotational Grazing Supplies

Intensively managed grazing of pastures can greatly improve the land's yield and quality. The basic idea is to concentrate the animals in a small enough area so they harvest everything (even the less tasty growth). Then move them to other small areas while the previous pasture replenishes. Organic fertilizer (manure) is evenly distributed with no effort. Higher gains come from the pasture because the plants have time to recover and animals can be fed better. The need for expensive machinery and material inputs are reduced. To do this much animal moving, fencing must be effective and easy to use. Step-in posts are the easiest way to set-up a temporary fence system. Simply push the pedal with your foot to insert the pin into the ground.

Geared Fence Reel
Electric Twine
Megaflow Water Valve
Electric Ribbon
Fiberglass Rod Post

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