Orchard and Vineyard Trellis Supplies


A trellis made with Max-Ten 200 high-tensile wire is stronger, lasts longer, looks neater and requires less maintenance than any other type of support system. A properly built trellis can outlast the life of trees and vines, and even support a second or third planting. Kencove trellis building supplies have been used for decades in the field and stand the test of time.

Trellis Wire Max-Ten 200 High Tensile Trellis Wire- Because trellises must support the fruit, as well as train the vines, the greater strength of high-tensile wire offers special benefits to vineyard owners.With class 3 galvanized coating, this wire resists rust and lasts 20-40 years.
Trellis Gripple Crimp Sleeves for Trellis Wire
Crimp Sleeves & Gripple Wire Connectors - Two ends of trellis wire can be joined using crimp sleeves or Gripples.
Wire Tension Tool
Tension/Torque Tool - Proper tensioning is important for vineyard trellis construction. The Torque Tool allows you to apply accurate amount of tension to trellis wire with minimal effort.
Earth Anchors
Earth Anchors hold end posts securely in the ground.
Quik-End Vice
Quik-Ends - perfect for wire terminations at end posts.
Tension Spring
Tension Springs- Most trellis installations require 250 pounds of tension.
How to Build Orchard and Vineyard Trellis Book
How to Build Orchard and Vineyard Trellises Book - 47 pages of detailed instructions for using Max-Ten high-tensile wire for a stronger, longer-lasting support system. Includes different trellis configurations such as Lincoln Canopy, Tatura "V" and the Geneva Curtain.