Kencove's mission is to improve the quality of life for the agricultural community, our employees, and people in need.

Our Vision to Accomplish the Mission

1. Helping the Agricultural Community:

  • By advising people how to design secure fences and what products to buy to build secure fences which will make farming more enjoyable and efficient
  • By providing quality products at fair prices
  • By giving service that is easy to use, accurate, fast, and friendly
  • By treating people with respect and honesty

2. Helping our Employees:

  • By providing employment at a fair wage, and a safe and enjoyable place to work
  • By challenging them to grow, share ideas, and take pride in accomplishments
  • By treating them with respect and honesty

3. Helping People in Need:

  • By using our resources to support worthwhile causes

PHONE for details 1-800-536-2683