Safe Fence -Install Tensioners and Insulators

With the height, number of strands and strand spacing pre-determined, install the tensioners first and then the insulators. Typically the center of the top strand is 4 " from the top of the post. Attach top strand tensioners and insulators 4" on center from the top of the post. When using wood post sleeves on corners and gates, measure 4 " from the bottom edge of the cap.
To install tensioners drill an 1/8th inch pilot hole in the post to accept the wood lag. Caution: Tighten the wood lag to the point of snug and no further. Over tightening the wood lag may crack the plastic body of the tensioner and allow internal arching into the post.

Attach the R-16 insulator on wood posts with #W-16 1½" stainless steel screws. For Safe-Tee Sleeves, use #S-16 ½" #8 stainless steel screws. Put the insulators on the sleeves before putting them over the T-posts.

Note: T-post insulators do not require screws