Safe Fence -Polytape

The only Polytape with a 20 year Guarantee!

In the design of Safe-Fence Electric webbing several important issues were considered. The composition of the plastic monofilament, the type of wire to be used, the breaking strength needed to be effective, and the wire type and size to be used for safe contact, long life and good conductivity. The polymers used in Safe-Fence monofilament are the highest quality high-density polyethylene resins available, specifically formulated for radical temperature conditions. The best ultra violet inhibitors are added to significantly reduce deterioration from the sun even in desert areas.

Safe-Fence wide polytape contains 33 strands of 20 thousandths diameter monofilament.

In our wire selection the most significant issue was longevity. As most metal materials suffer a degenerating reaction when exposed to the elements it was clear that stainless steel was the only choice to achieve an acceptable life expectancy. The degeneration that occurs with other metals comes in the form of rust, corrosion or oxidization, all of which reduces electrical flow. The downside of stainless is that it has lesser conductive value than aluminum or copper, however that value remains constant over a long period of time where the others decline radically. Less conductivity is easily overcome with larger wire and the right sized fencer.

The strength of the wire is also an important factor. We must keep in mind that it is not a matter of if the horse hits the fence, but when the horse hits the fence. When copper wire is forced it elongates and becomes smaller thereby reducing electrical flow. On the other hand aluminum is weak and not flexible and breaks very easily. Safe-Fence webbing has the proper balance of size and number of stainless steel wires to offer the strength and conductivity for what we believe to be the ideal horse fence.

Safe-Fence Electric System contains 15 strands of 12 thousandths diameter - 304 stainless steel wire.

The material composition of Safe-Fence webbing offers strength comparable or better than traditional fence materials, its extreme flexibility is enough to withstand day to day activities, but it will tear in cases of extreme impact and not cut the animal.