Fixed Knot Woven Wire Installation Photos

Augering post holes
Measuring correct post depth
Using a Tamp to tamp (compact) all dirt around the post. Put in a little at a time.
Installing brace pin into the horizontal brace post.
Stringing brace wire into a figure 8.
Showing finished brace wire with tensioner.
Tool used to tighten tensioner.
Staples being installed to hold the woven wire in place.
Tying off ends on the woven wire.
Installing the wedges in slots to hold wire when stretching.
Driving the wedges to hold the wire tight.
Crimping sleeves are used to splice in the middle of a run.
Chain walkers are used with the clamp to stretch the wire.
Wire is being pulled up.
Wire is now pulled up and ready to finish.
Wire is being pulled to tighten.
Putting the finish touch of tension on the wire.
Staples are placed to fasten the woven wire to the post.