Safe Fence -Tensioners

SAFE-FENCE Tensioners are the cornerstone of the SAFE-FENCE Hardware System. Of solid stainless steel construction, SAFE-FENCE Tensioners hold your fence firmly, yet in instances of violent impact they are designed to protect your horse.

JR40 End Tensioner

Begin and end each strand with a R-40 at gate posts or buildings. Holds webbing tight and allows easy retightening.

JR50 Corner Tensioner

Use the R-50 at all corners or any up and down hill direction change greater than 10 degrees. Also used at tape gates.

JR55 Tee Tensioner

The R-55 has three tensioners. Use for cross fence junctions.

JR24 Splicer

A stainless steel spring buckle similar to the tensioner. Used to join rolls of webbing or repair torn webbing in minutes.