Horse Rail Material List


Horse rail

Horse Rail Material Checklist

Horse Rail Material Checklist
  Horse Rail (1 coil per 660 ft of perimeter) x (# of lines)
  Splicer buckle (1 per rail) x (# of coils)
  Line brackets (1 per rail) x (# of posts)
  Stainless steel screws (2-4 per bracket)
  Spoolers (1 per corner and each 330 ft section)
  Pre-bent buckles (1 per line ) x (# of end posts)
  Lag screws
  Inside 90 degree bracket (1 per line) x (each 90 degree turn)
  Quik brace (1 per brace unit)
  Hotcote tubing (100 ft coil for every 10 braces)
  5" brace pins (2 per brace unit)
  10" brace pins (2 per brace unit)
  CCA 6" x 9" wood posts
  CCA 5" x 10" wood post
  CCA 5" x 8" wood post
  CCA 5" x 7" wood post
  Kiwi gate latch(es)
  *Items above are linked to 4.25" Horse Rail and accessories. Be sure to choose the correct accessories for the size Horse Rail you are installing. Options are 4.25", 5.25" or 6.25".

Helpful Tools

Helpful Tools
  Bending tool helps to bend Horse Rail to install buckles
  Spooler handle set to make tensioning easier
  Wire cutters
  3/8" drill bits for drilling holes for brace pins and gate hardware
  Drill bit for SS screws
  Gripple Torque Tool to tension Quik Brace