Safe Fence -Safe-Tee-Sleeves


Attractive, functional, affordable - and easy to install!

Safe-Tee-Sleeves fit over all metal T-posts and wood 4x4 posts to provide the "white rail" look for a fraction of the cost of vinyl!

It's easy as A-B-C!

Transform unattractive, dangerous T-posts into an attractive, effective and SAFE fence.


JR4005 Wood Post Sleeve

Includes cap, 5' long, fits nominal 4 x 4 wood posts. Use for end, gate and corner posts to complete to "white rail" look provided by Safe-Tee-Sleeves.

JR1755 Safe-Tee-Sleeve

2" x 2", 5' long, includes cap. Fits over all metal T-posts.

Insulators and webbing sold separately.

Installation directions and tips for end, corner and gate posts.