Fastening Methods for Trellis Wire


There are three methods for fastening MAX-TEN 200 High-Tensile Fence Wire with Crimping Sleeves:

Method 1. End Post Fastening

Loop the line wire around the end post. Allow about 24 inches of wire beyond the post. Thread two crimp sleeves onto the wire and slide them back about 24 inches, and bring the end back to within a few inches of the post (a). Wrap the wire around the post. Make a 100° bend 6 inches from the end (b). Align the end of the wire so it is parallel with the other end of the loop near the Sleeves (c). Be sure that the loop is at the desired height on the post; then crimp both sleeves with a crimping tool (d). This method is effective up to 100% of the breaking strength of MAX-TEN 200 High-Tensile Fence Wire.
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Method 2. Installing an In-Line Strainer near an End Post.

In this method, a short section of wire around the end post connects an In-Line Wire Strainer to the line wire. Cut a 36-inch length of wire, and bend it around the post. Thread two Crimp Sleeves onto the wire and slide them back about 6 inches. Pass the other end of the wire through the holes in the shank of an In-Line Wire Strainer (a), and thread the wire into the sleeves and crimp them (b). Thread the line wire through the hole in the cog of the Strainer and cut off the surplus wire close to the cog (c). Attach the handle and turn the cog enough to secure the wire (d). For information on how to use the Strainer to tension the wire, refer to the sections on "STRINGING THE LINE WIRES" (pages 24 and 25) and "TENSIONING THE WIRE" (pages 28 and 29).
Description: method2-4book Method 3. Installing an In-Line strainer in a Line Wire.
Cut the line wire and push one of the ends 4" to 6" into the ground. Thread two sleeves onto the free wire, and slide them back about 24 inches (a). Make a 90° bend about 6 inches from the end of the wire. Then, bend the wire at a 45° angle 3 inches from the end (b), and pass it through the holes in the shank of the Strainer (c). Bend the wire back onto itself, slide the sleeves forward about three inches to enclose the end of the wire, and crimp the Sleeves (d). Then, thread the other cut end of the line wire through the hole in the drum as described in Method 2 above.
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